Most skincare and cosmetic products are manufactured to address specific skin issues. Moisturizing products may target dry skin, while products like toners, when formulated properly are designed to balance your skin’s pH. Some products target oily skin and still others are made for combination or sensitive skin. The results of using products with too limited or too broad a scope are temporary at best, and merely cosmetic in nature because they don’t focus on the health of the skin as a whole. Few products are crafted with the mindset of treating the skin holistically.

RESONANCE 396 was formulated to be impactful on skin’s long term health and not merely to be cosmetic in its results. RESONANCE was made with the idea that the only way to achieve lasting healthy glowing skin was to empower the body to function properly. Therefore the best way to achieve beauty is by giving the body the building blocks and nutrients needed to achieve harmony and equilibrium. Balanced and healthy skin is beautiful skin, but that beauty and wellness must come from within for it to be impactful, lasting and beneficial.

What good is a product packed with goodness if it can’t be absorbed deeply into the skin?

After ten years of development, the formulators at RESONANCE 396 have pioneered a proprietary “Smart Penetrants Technology” free of artificial nanoparticles. The science enables skin to rapidly and deeply absorb the vitamins, amino acids and minerals found in RESONANCE 396, for beautifying results that exceed the mere cosmetic.

RESONANCE 396 is formulated with 17 key essential oils. These essential oils are larger molecules that typically do not penetrate the skin, but sit on the epidermis to occlude the active ingredients (the main nutrients and cosmeceuticals) to help them reach the subcutaneous, cutaneous and at times the dermis layer. Resonance locks in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated, plump and radiant.

Among the active ingredients in RESONANCE 396 are 17 essential oils, 2 precious minerals (silver and gold), 8 building blocks, 3 vitamins, 5 herbal extracts and 6 cream conditioning agents. This is a major development in skincare technology, one that makes all 41 key components of our product bioavailable with each topical application. RESONANCE 396 is so impactful in supporting healthy skin because each ingredient is able to work on the cellular level, providing cells with exactly what they need to function healthily.

The Age-Defying Power of Antioxidants

Excessive exposure to the sun and pollution increases oxidative stress on the skin. Vitamin B12, a core ingredient in RESONANCE 396, is one of the most powerful antioxidants, known to improve both the cosmesis and the health of skin.

Elle magazine writes, “Vitamin B12 is often overlooked in skincare, but according to Time Bomb chemist Dr. Joe Cincotta, it actually plays an important part in speeding up cell regeneration. … ‘Vitamin B12 works by binding to enzymes to help with chemical reactions in the body and the skin,’ he says. ‘When B12 is absorbed into the skin, it boosts metabolism in the skin cells and this energy speeds up cell recovery and regeneration. In turn, fatigued skin is improved.’”

We’ve made B12 an integral part of the formulation of RESONANCE 396 because skin cell recovery is important for producing healthy, vibrant looking skin and helps support exactly the kind of lasting benefits that make RESONANCE the “UnCosmetic”..

Pass the Mango Butter Please

Let’s be honest. All of us want to have beautiful skin at any age. Among the 41 powerful bioavailable natural ingredients in RESONANCE 396 is Mango Butter, an ingredient long known to support great looking skin. It contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants that make it an impactful ingredient for everyone, especially those with mature skin. The nourishing nature of Mango Butter is known to benefit those suffering from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and sunburn as well.

Mango Butter has an abundance of fatty acids and contains vitamins A, C, and E, a potent combination that brightens, firms and plumps skin. Mango Butter is packed with strong, skin protecting antioxidants with antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you have healthy skin or problematic skin RESONANCE 396 provides skin cells what’s needed to achieve rejuvenated skin that glows from health for beauty that is more than just cosmetic.