The brisk Fall and Winter months often mean our skin is exposed to drier air and too often that leads to dry skin. We’ve come up with 4 easy ways to lavish your skin so that you can maintain your skin’s health and keep that radiant glow throughout the colder months.

1. Start your day with a 12 oz. glass of room temperature water with a squeeze of half a lemon and a few dashes of Himalayan sea salt. 

Many athletes start their day this way because the concoction is known to have numerous health benefits. And many in the skincare industry are starting to realize the benefits of this simple to make beverage as well.

Overall the lemon and sea salt work together to increase the body’s immune function. The drink decreases uric acid, fights inflammation, regulates fluid balance in the body, and improves digestion. The combined effects of vitamin C found in both lemon, as well as the essential minerals contained in sea salt work on the cellular level to dissolve uric acid. This helps with pain in the joints and it aids in the repair of tendons, ligaments and bone.

Optimal Health & Wellness writes that lemon water with sea salt is a great detoxifier leading to great skin citing, “It helps cleanse your system by removing unwanted toxins that otherwise accumulate in your body. The result is visible in the form of reduced weight, glowing skin and better digestion.”

2. Use Lukewarm Water for Cleansing

Extreme temperatures either cold water or hot steam can unbalance the oils in your skin. Cleansing the skin with lukewarm water is the best way to ensure that you’re not leaving your skin dehydrated after removing sweat, dirt or makeup. 

Julia Frank writing for Vogue Australia says “what is too hot or too cold will depend on each individual’s heat sensitivity and thus, the ideal face-washing temperature is your own happy medium. Warm water is a more effective cleanser than cold water so veer towards that end of the spectrum but stop well before it is steaming hot. If you like the feeling of cool water on the skin, do a final rinse with cool but not cold water over your face.”

She goes on to state “ … remember to leave the skin a little damp before lathering on body and face moisturizer. That way, the product will seal in the water like a vacuum pack, boosting your skin’s moisture content. Because glowing skin is the aim, isn’t it?” We couldn’t agree more Julia! 

3. Get Plenty of Shuteye

Adequate sleep is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy and enjoying beautiful glowing skin. Sleeping hours is the time the body takes to repair itself. Blood flow increases to the skin while we sleep providing the necessary nutrients for the cells to be repaired and nourished. It is during this time that the body produces more collagen, resulting in the repairing of UV damage and the minimizing of stress-wrinkles and frown-lines. 

Consistent quality sleep is so important that DNP Cynthia Cobb of Healthline writes:
Research even says that one night of poor sleep can cause:

  • Hanging eyelids
  • Swollen eyes
  • Darker undereye circles
  • Paler skin
  • More wrinkles and fine lines
  • More droopy corners of the mouth

4. Apply RESONANCE 396 twice daily. It’s food for the skin.

Applying RESONANCE 396 twice a day is the best way to take advantage of these wise skincare habits. And it’s the best way to fight the cold weather and the elements. First, when you’re drinking plenty of water the cells are primed to receive the nutrients that cells need to thrive. Hydrated skin as a result of adequate water intake is the ideal medium for RESONANCE 396 to do its work on the cellular level. 

Skin that is both clean and well-hydrated enhances RESONANCE’s proprietary “Smart Penetrants Technology” empowering RESONANCE to work at the deepest levels of the skin –––the dermis where collagen is produced. 

RESONANCE 396 supports healthy skin by repairing fine wrinkles, filling in deep creases and tightening saggy areas around the mouth and neck that results from the naturally occurring structural breakdown inside the skin. RESONANCE nourishes your cells with the collagen supporting proteins the body lacks and no longer produces insufficient supply. Clean and well-hydrated skin is the perfect environment for RESONANCE to do its job.

The two best times to apply RESONANCE 396 are morning after you shower and evening before bed. RESONANCE is rich with antioxidants and essential oils. During the day the skin is exposed to harmful ultraviolet light and radiation which both damages and ages the skin. RESONANCE 396 is formulated with cod liver oil and 14 other plant-derived essential oils. They support the body’s cellular intelligence and boosts its ability to slow down both the natural aging process and the signs of aging due to the sun. This is done by regulating oil production, inhibiting UV-induced damage and elevating skin’s hydration to healthy levels.

Applying RESONANCE 396 before sleep is an opportune time to take advantage of the body’s natural healing process. If the body is already busy at work producing more collagen, repairing UV damage, and working to minimize stress-wrinkles and frown-lines, then why not give the body all it needs to succeed? RESONANCE truly is like food for the skin providing it with all the needed building blocks to ensure that skin cells are being adequately nourished and receiving all the components to enhance the body’s natural cellular intelligence. The result of RESONANCE 396 twice a day is beautiful, radiant and glowy skin that begins by achieving wellness from within.